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Check also our volleyball rules cases, in which we present the rules in the real game situations, which help you to use rules to your advantage on the court. To see the volleyball rules cases, go to the bottom of the Basic Volleyball Rules Section. Official Volleyball Rules - in Easy to Understand Format Volleyball player crossing the center line


Page 63 2019-20 NFHS Volleyball Rules LINE JUDGE SIGNALS USING HAND SIGNALS 1. Obtaining First Referee's Attention: Wave arm overhead to obtain the first referee's attention, when necessary. (1) 2. Inbounds: Arms extended in front of body, hands open (palms down) toward the floor area between the attack line and the net. (2) 3.

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The players may serve from anywhere behind the back line. Players may cross the plane of the net extended to keep the ball in play. Games will be two out of three to eleven points. You must win by two points. Regular volleyball rules apply as well as these additions. ALL OTHER USVBA RULES APPLY UNLESS MODIFIED BY SPECIFIC INTRAMURAL

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7. Is It Illegal To Step On The Center Line In Volleyball? The line in the middle of the court is called the centerline. It is ok for your hand or foot to touch and even cross the centerline, as long as: The hand or foot is still touching the line and does not cross completely over into opponent territory.

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Sand Volleyball Rules. ... Any and all parts of the body are allowed to cross the center line as long as there is no interference with the opposing player.

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An official volleyball weighs between 9 and 10 ounces, with air pressure being anywhere from 4.5 to 6 pounds. Return to top. The Game. Before a match begins, the referee calls a short meeting in which he goes over any rules, including substitution and timeout procedures, and conducts a coin toss to determine the first server. Return to top. The ...

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Volleyball Rule Violations. Committing any of these volleyball rule violations results in a point for the opponent. Stepping on or across the service line when serving while making contact with the ball.

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15.2.4 Crossing the Center Line Encroachment into the opponent’s court with the foot, feet or hand(s) is permitted, provided some part of the encroaching extremity remains in contact with or directly above the center line, and there is no interference with opponents. It is not a fault to contact the opponent’s team court with the hair.