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The shape of the cricket bat facilitates cricket batters to hit and direct the ball with ease as compared to baseball batters. Bowling Cricket bowlers are categorized based on their bowling style, whereas in case of baseball pitchers are categorized based on their throwing hand (left or right) and based on their usual roles in games (starting pitcher and relief pitcher).

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So it stands to reason that if the first team at bat is a more offensively gifted team, the target score for the second team to bat should be higher than if the roles were reversed. Keeping an eye on the batting order is important in cricket, whereas it is not so much in baseball for totals betting purposes.

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Although baseball bats have undergone a slow evolution over the past century, cricket bats have remained largely unchanged for 200 years. The flat, paddle-shaped blade is made of a single piece of willow -- preferably from trees grown in the English counites of Essex or Suffolk -- while the handle is made of cane.

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Cricket and baseball are the best-known members of a family of related bat-and-ball games.Both have fields that are 400 feet (120 m) or more in diameter between their furthest endpoints, offensive players who can hit a thrown/"bowled" ball out of the field and run between safe areas to score runs (points) at the risk of being gotten out (forced off the field of play by the opposing team and ...

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This video gives full comparison of BALL, BAT and GLOVES used in games of BASEBALL and CRICKET. CRICKET BALL WEIGHT Men’s cricket - Minimum 5.5 ounces/155.9 ...

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The outer casing is made of leather, and is made of two portions that are stitched together. However, unlike cricket, the ball doesn’t have any separately stitched seams. In baseball, balls are always white in color with red stitches. Bats are either made from solid wood, or hollow aluminum.

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Baseball bat breaks often unlike cricket bat. • To score in a cricket match you have to hit the ball and run to the end of the cricket pitch while your partner reaches your end. You have to take the bat with you. • In a baseball game, you have reach bases to score. Also, once you hit a ball successfully you have to drop the bat and run. Images Courtesy: Cricket by FlickreviewR

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The surface area of bat in baseball is smaller than in cricket so it is harder to make clean contact but because cricket is a 360 degree game balls that are safely fouled in baseball are likely to be caught in cricket. The catcher in baseball is targeting the area between the knees and the shoulders of a batter. A.